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United States
Current Residence: Brick, NJ
Favourite genre of music: Death Metal
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Transformers Animated Swindle
Personal Quote: "Actions don't always speak louder than words."
1.) What is the color of your kitchen plates?
Plain white =P

2.) Your favorite pair of shoes?
They USED to be my orange dress shoes, but I no longer have those.  And THEN they were my newest black/red fancy sneakers, but they're falling apart already >.>

3.) If you could have an anime character as your sidekick, who would it be?
Anime?  Well, I guess I'll have to go with Optimus Prime =P

4.) If you were like an anime character, who would you say you were most like?
Got no clue.

5.) You just won the lottery! And you...?
Buy toys, and give some to friends, and start my own business and become a super hero!

6.) Oh great... you're in the mall and it's getting robbed. What do you do?
Strategically find a way to safely evacuate everyone and perhaps take out the robber.

7.) Now we're over the lottery thing and you're poor again... You're getting your hair styled and OMG... the stylist dyed it a gross green!
Interesting.  Probably just keep it.

8.) Your favorite season? (Summer/Fall/Spring/Winter)
Summer, I just the how hot it is!  Even when it's humid and sticky.

9.) You have favorite colors, I'm sure. What are they?
Black, red, white blue, not necessarily in that order.

10.) This one's always interesting... gold or silver?
REALLY tough.  Silver, I guess.

11.) Have a dream car? If so, care to share?
If I have to pick a car, a blue Nissan 350Z.

12.) If you could choose between being a knight, titan, sorcerer, healer, mage, or rogue... what would you be?
A knight, because right now I'm stuck on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight :3

13.) Offense or defense?
Defense, always.  You know, just try to disable if anything, offense if there's no other way.  I really like Kamen Rider Kabuto's counter-style.

14.) Do you have a favorite quote or two?
A couple.  One that always sticks is "War doesn't determine who's right, it determines who's left."

15.) If you could be a video game character, what weapon of choice would you wield?
DecaDriver :3

16.) Your dream occupation?
Comic Book artist.

17.) Ninja?
No!  They're cool and all, but nothing against a Samurai.

18.) Element of choice?
Fire, fo' sho'.

19.) Have a favorite snack?

20.) What about a favorite food?
Other than Pie?  Chicken tenders =D

21.) Favorite soft drink?
Ummm.  I'll go with Pepsi.

22.) Flavor of milk you prefer?
Tough.  I do enjoy chocolate and banana both very much.

23.) Uke or seme?
Uhhh...this doesn't apply to me >.>

24.) Chocolate or vanilla?

25. How many stories is your house?

26.) Do you think blondes really do have more fun?
Naw.  Brunettes FTW

27.) Sexiest man alive?
Besides me?  Mizushima Hiro, hands down.

28.) Sexiest woman alive?
Haga Yuria!

29.) Pets?
Naw D=

30.) Would you rather quit or be fired?
Quit, because I could do it epicly.

31.) The first CD you ever bought?
I THINK a baby Looney Toons CD.

31.) 32.) Did you notice the number didn't change?

33.) Do you have any money? If you do... can I have some?
Barely, and no, you may not.

34.) Spots or stripes?
Stripes. They always look good on a Ranger costume >.>

35.) Was it true that you didn't brush your teeth?
Nope, I brush every morning as soon as I get up.

36.) Who are you going to tag with this quiz? Do you enjoy being evil?
I don't feel like tagging anyone, so anyone who reads this, have at it!  And no, I do not enjoy being evil, I am a Justice no Senshi!
  • Listening to: Climax Jump the Final
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Crash
  • Playing: SkiFree
  • Eating: Nothing yet today >.>
  • Drinking: Milk!


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